The Washington Parish School Board shall be committed to providing for each of its schools a program of student activities to all students in a manner which allows students equal opportunity to participate in services and activities.  All activities shall be in compliance with pertinent regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.


All work missed by students while participating in student activities or events shall be made up and completed in a manner that would be required of any other students in order to receive credit.


No student shall be allowed to participate in any event on the day or night while the student is under suspension from school.


Instructional time is the scheduled time designated for teaching courses outlined in the program of studies.




Co-curricular activities are those activities that are relevant, supporting, and are an integral part of the instructional program of studies in which the student is enrolled and which are under the supervision and/or coordination of the school instructional staff.


Approved Co-Curricular Activities:


4-H Club

Year Book

Four Club/Dare

Music Performances


Student Council


Literary Rally

Key Club

ROTC Activities


Educational Field Trips

Beta (Jr. & Sr.)

Special Olympics


Flag Ceremonies

Academic Clubs

Career Day

Foreign Language Club

Awards Day


Approved Special Programs:



Guest Speaker (pertaining to class studies)

Dance Group

Christmas Programs

Singing Groups

Other Holiday Programs

Educational Theatre

Washington Parish Fair Educational Programs

Local of Professional drama

  (i.e. Young Americans)


Approved Instructional Contests:


Quiz Bowl


Science Fair


Social Studies Fair

Debate Teams

Reading Fair





Extra-curricular activities are those activities that are not directly related to the instructional program of studies which are under the supervision and/or coordination of the school instructional staff and are considered valuable for the overall development of the student.


Student Athletics are those athletic activities in grades 6 - 12 conducted in accordance with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association's plan approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).  All athletic activities not in accordance with the approved regulations and guidelines of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) shall be considered as extracurricular.


Notwithstanding any policy, rule, or regulation adopted by the School Board to the contrary, no student otherwise eligible to participate in an extracurricular activity, including interscholastic athletics, shall be limited in the number of such activities in which the student may participate in a school year.


Approved Extracurricular Activities:


Picture Taking

Special Interest Clubs

Class Parties

Field Day

Homecoming Parade


Pep Rallies for home games


Meetings for graduation, rings, and supplies





  1. Co-curricular activities may be scheduled during instructional time.  Participation in those activities will allow a student to be excused from attending class and to make up any classwork missed as a result of the activity.

  2. Extracurricular activities shall be scheduled at a time that will not interrupt instructional time.  Students shall not be allowed to be excused from classroom instruction for extracurricular activities, unless the extracurricular activity has prior approval.  Exceptions must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

  3. Students eligibility in co-curricular activities shall depend upon specific organizational requirements either by maintaining a certain grade average or by being a member of a particular class.

  4. No field trips shall be taken in the absence of a travel authorization requested and signed by the principal, director of curriculum, and supervisor of transportation.

  5. Prior to the beginning of each month, the school shall submit an activities calendar to the Superintendent’s office.  This must include all activities, both co-curricular and extracurricular, including athletics.

  6. Whenever possible, principals will schedule activities during recesses and before or after school in order to maximize the use of instructional time.

  7. Any new requests from schools to add activities during the current year must be approved by the Superintendent.




All non-academic and extracurricular services and activities shall be offered to all exceptional students in a manner that allows them equal opportunity to participate in services and activities.


Revised:  August 8, 2013

Revised:  October 10, 2013

Revised:  June 12, 2014



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Washington Parish School Board