The Washington Parish School Board is committed to the belief that for the learning process for students to be complete, additional student activities, such as athletics, must be an integral part of the educational program.


Interscholastic athletics may be made available for students in the schools of the school district.  The Superintendent or his/her designee shall develop and maintain an athletic program in the school district that emphasizes participation of all students.  The conduction of all athletic programs within the school district shall comply fully with regulations of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) and policies of the School Board.  All extracurricular activities shall be conducted so that no interruption of classroom time will result whenever possible.  Any interruption to classroom time shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) school days per year.


The School Board shall allow students to participate in as many sports activities and academic activities as he/she is capable of participating in without fear of reprisal.


Students attending extracurricular activities shall be expected and required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, in accordance with rules of conduct of the School District.  Any conduct contrary to school standards may result in disciplinary action being taken against the student(s).




No student shall be permitted to practice or participate in any interscholastic athletic program in any public school of the Washington Parish School Board until such student shall have furnished to the principal of the school documentation that he/she has met the following requirements:


  1. Evidence of having had a physical examination by a licensed physician who shall have completed documentation as required by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA).

  2. Properly complete a School Entrance and General Health Exam Form/LHSAA Medical History and pass a medical examination by a licensed physician prior to the first time he/she participates in a sport in a LHSAA school.  Physicians may continue to use the original LHSAA Sports Physical Form in performing sports physicals.  In addition, parents shall be required to complete the Authorization for Release of Confidential Information.

  3. Once a student passes the initial medical examination and completes an LHSAA Medical History Form prior to the sports season in which he/she participates, he/she shall annually pass any medical screening or medical examination required by a licensed physician and shall update his/her LHSAA Medical History Form as required.

  4. A copy of all completed and signed medical examination and participation/release of information forms (and any others required by the School Board) must be on file at the school for every student before he/she practices or participates in interscholastic athletics during that school year.

  5. An agreement signed by the student's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to hold the School Board and its members, employees, agents, assigns and insurers harmless from and against any liability for any accidents involving the student while participating in such athletic activities and any injuries suffered by the student during, or as a result of, such participation.  The agreement shall also authorize team physicians to treat the student in the event of an injury requiring emergency treatment.

  6. Students shall sign a form consenting to random drug screening and must obtain the written consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s) for said tests in order to be eligible to participate in any athletic activity. (See policy IDFAA, Drug Testing and Referral Program for Athletes)




Adherence to the rules of athletic representation and participation shall be strictly enforced by the School Board.  Any violations of athletic rules shall be immediately reported to the Superintendent by the principal.  In the event that a member school, member school principal, or member school coach is penalized or cited by the LHSAA due to a violation, the athletic director, principal, and coach involved shall provide a full report to the Superintendent.  If found warranted, the Superintendent in turn shall make a report to the School Board with pertinent recommendations for disciplinary action.




The School Board endorses the scholastic eligibility requirements as a condition for participation in high school extracurricular activities as stipulated by the LHSAA.  Scholastic requirements shall be as follow:


  1. To be eligible for the first semester of the school year, a student shall have earned at least six (6) units from the previous school year, which shall be listed on the student’s transcript, and shall have at least a "C" average as determined by the School Board when considering all "graded" subjects.

  2. To be eligible for the second semester of the school year, a student shall pass at least six (6) subjects from the first semester.  A senior attempting four (4) units in the first semester must pass all four (4) units to be eligible in the second semester.  Likewise, a senior attempting five (5) units in the first semester must pass all five (5) units, and a senior taking six (6) or more units in the first semester must pass six (6) units for second semester eligibility.

  3. The LHSAA includes specific eligibility rules for special education students which must be met for their participation.


Individual schools or the School Board may set higher, but not lower scholastic requirements for interscholastic athletic participation.


Revised:  October 7, 2010

Revised:  August, 2011

Revised:  October 6, 2011

Revised:  October 10, 2013



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