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Extracurricular activities shall be approved by the Washington Parish School Board.  In order to provide proper supervision of certain extracurricular activities such as dance teams, cheerleaders, flag corps, majorettes, and rifle teams, the following guidelines have been established.




These are the requirements for eligibility:


  1. 1.5 grade point average for the semester prior to tryouts.  Membership will be forfeited at the end of the first semester for failure to maintain 1.5 GPA.

  2. A parent must attend orientation meeting with sponsor prior to tryouts.  Students will not be allowed to try out unless a parent attends this meeting.


    1. Notification

      Notices will be run in the daily bulletin announcing a meeting for all students interested in trying out.  At this meeting the students will be given written notice of the orientation meeting for parents and sponsors.  At the orientation meeting, parents will go over each item thoroughly and answer any questions parents may have concerning the policy.  At the close of the meeting, parents who consent to their child trying out must sign a form stating that they are giving their child permission to try out.


  1. Parent and participant must agree to follow the procedures and rules of the organization:


    1. attendance at a formal training seminar determined by the sponsor with administration approval

    2. clearance of financial obligations and all other indebtedness to the specific organization

    3. agreement with transportation policy

    4. maintenance of a 1.5 grade point average at the end of each marking period effective the date of issuance of report cards

    5. agreement with the demerit system

    6. agreement to follow the policy concerning rules of conduct




  1. The sponsor with the principal's approval will determine the membership (number of members).  There will be no alternative selections.  Alternates will not be utilized.

  2. Participants will be selected by a racially balanced panel of competent judges.  Judging will be done on a predetermined judging sheet.  Contestants will be scored on a scale of 1-10 for various categories and the contestants receiving the highest scores will be chosen.  There will be no ties that would allow one contestant to be chosen and the other to be disqualified.  If a tie should occur, the judges will have tied contestants perform and rescore in an effort to eliminate the tie.  Contestants will be judged on performance only.

  3. Tryouts will be closed.  Judges and participants only will be allowed in the tryout area.

  4. Procedure for announcing results:  At the end of the tryout the participants, parents, sponsors, and judges will assemble in the tryout area.  The judges will present their results in a sealed envelope (provided by the school) to the sponsor.  Judges will then be dismissed.  The sponsor will then open the envelope and read the results.  At this time parents will be permitted to see their child's rating sheet only.  This will be done in the presence of the sponsor.  Rating sheets will be retained by the school.

  5. Membership:  Once selected students will continue membership in the group throughout their high school career unless forfeited by policy violations.  Tryouts will only be used to fill vacated positions.




In order to perform, the participant must ride the means of transportation designated by the principal to the activities.  If the participant is late and misses the ride, he/she is not to perform.


The participant must return to the school on the designated ride unless the following procedure is complied with:


  1. Either parent must sign a parent's release form at the game or activity which would release the child to the parent.

  2. Parents are responsible for picking up the student at the school upon arrival from the game or activity.

  3. If the student fails to follow this policy, he/she will be suspended from the squad for two (2) weeks.




  1. General


    1. Each participant must attend required practices and games.  Absences must be cleared through the faculty sponsor prior to practice.  The only excused absences are death in the family, illness of self, or medical appointments that cannot be rescheduled at another time.

    2. If a participant is absent from the last scheduled practice before the event without prior excuse, he/she will not be allowed to perform at the event.

    3. Each participant must attend four hours of school to attend practice after school or perform on game day.

    4. If there are two or more activities on one day, and a participant cannot perform for one activity because of illness, he/she cannot perform for the other.

    5. A demerit system will be used.  Only the sponsor will have the authority to give demerits.  The demerit system is to be developed by the school.

    6. Each participant shall cooperate willingly with the faculty sponsor, the dance instructor, and the captains where applicable.

    7. Each participant is responsible for arriving at practices and games on time.


  1. Activity


    1. Participants shall perform at all scheduled activities and all varsity games, both home and away, unless otherwise decided by the school administration.

    2. Participants may not eat, drink, or chew gum while on the field, court, or in the stands.

    3. Members should wear appropriate uniform and be in their designated area at the designated time.

    4. Members should listen to instructions and follow directives of the leaders.

    5. Members should refrain from undignified language and conduct.  This also applies anytime the participant is in uniform.

    6. Groups will cooperate with each other to boost school spirit.


  1. Fund-Raising Activities

    Each member must participate in any fund-raising activity that the organization might sponsor.




It is recommended that captains, one black and one white, be selected from the senior members of the group.  It is further recommended that group members vote on the senior candidates for captain.  However, instances where one senior member has more years experience on the squad than others, that individual will be appointed captain.




  1. All offenses will be documented by the faculty sponsor or dance instructor.

  2. Reasons for suspension from squad for a performance:


    1. Failure to learn the routine according to the instructor's standards

    2. Absence at two practices during the week of a performance

    3. Refusal to follow the directives of the sponsor or instructor

    4. Accumulation of five (5) demerits


  1. Reasons for permanent dismissal from squad


    1. Failure to maintain a 1.5 grade point average (6 weeks during performance season, otherwise semester)

    2. Disrespect toward sponsor or dance instructor

    3. Accumulation of ten (10) demerits


  1. The student will be removed from the squad for two weeks for failure to comply with the transportation policy.  If such occurs twice during the year, he/she will be automatically removed from the squad for that year.

  2. The school administration shall have the power to suspend, bench or drop from the squad any member for the following:


    1. undesirable or immoral behavior

    2. unacceptable appearance or habits

    3. undesirable language or gestures

    4. failure to perform duties as outlined in this policy

    5. any act that harms the reputation of the school

    6. violation of the rules and regulations




Awards policies will be developed by the schools.




Student participants are themselves accountable for compliance with the policies stated herein.


Revised:  July, 1996

Revised:  February, 2008

Approved:  March 13, 2008



Ref:       Board minutes, 2-26-87, 4-4-96, 3-13-08


Washington Parish School Board