Washington Parish School Board
    User Notice
       Section A, School District Organization
       Section B, School Board Operations
       Section C, General School Administration
       Section D, Fiscal Management
       Section E, Business Management
       Section F, Facility Expansion Program
       Section G, Personnel
          GAA, Goals and Objectives
          GAAA, Equal Opportunity Employment
          GAD, Professional Development Opportunities
          GAE, Complaints and Grievances
          GAE-E, Statement of Employee Grievance
          GAEA, Grievances
          GAEA-E1, Grievance Initiation
          GAEA-E2, Grievance Appeal
          GAEA-E3, Grievance Disposition
          GAEAA, Sexual Harassment
          GAG, Staff Conflict of Interest
          GAJ, Gifts
          GAK, Personnel Records
          GAMA, Employee Tobacco Use
          GAMB, Employee Dress Code
          GAMC, Investigations
          GAMD, Drug-Free Workplace
          GAMEB, Drug Testing for all Employees Who Possess a Comercial DriversLicense
          GAMFA, Employee Communicable Diseases
          GAMFB, Guidelines for Handling Body Fluids in School
          GAMFC, Health Examinations
          GAMG, Dangerous Weapons
          GAMI, Electronic Telecommunication Devices
          GAMIA, Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students
          GAMJ, Miscellaneous Conditions of Employment
          GBA, Contracts and Compensation
          GBB, Personnel Positions
          GBBA-R, Qualifications and Duties-Regulations
          GBBA, Qualifications and Duties
          GBC, Recruitment
          GBCA, Protection of Criminal Background Information
          GBD, Employment of Personnel
          GBDA, Support Personnel Employment
          GBDB, Employment of Retired Personnel
          GBE, Assignment
          GBG, Probation
          GBI, Evaluation of Personnel
          GBJ, Promotion
          GBK, Employee Discipline
          GBL, Tenure
          GBM, Personnel Transfer
          GBN, Separation of Employment
          GBNA, Reduction of Personnel
          GBRA, Employee Conduct
          GBRB, Employee Attendance
          GBRH, Professional Leave
          GBRHA, Sabbatical Leave
          GBRHA-R, Sabbatical Leave Regulations
          GBRHA-E, Application for Sabbatical Medical Leave
          GBRI-E, Request for Leave of Absence
          GBRIA, General Leaves of Absence
          GBRIB, Sick Leave
          GBRIBA, Family and Medical Leave
          GBRIBB, Sick Leave Bank
          GBRIBC, Emergency Family and Medical Leave (EFMLA) and Emergency Paid Sick Leave (COVID-19 PANDEMIC)
          GBRIC, Maternity and Adoptive Leave
          GBRID, Military Leave
          GBRIH, Jury Duty/Court Summons
          GBRJ, Substitutes
          GBRJ-R, Substitute Regulations
          GBRK, Annual Leave
          GBRL, Holidays
          GBU, Code of Ethics
       Section H, Negotiations
       Section I, Instructional Program
       Section J, Students
       Section K, General Public Relations
       Section L, Education Agency Relations
       Section M, Relations With Other Education Agencies