Washington Parish School Board
    User Notice
       Section A, School District Organization
       Section B, School Board Operations
       Section C, General School Administration
       Section D, Fiscal Management
       Section E, Business Management
       Section F, Facility Expansion Program
       Section G, Personnel
       Section H, Negotiations
       Section I, Instructional Program
       Section J, Students
          JAA, Equal Education Opportunities
          JB, Attendance
          JBA, Compulsory School Attendance Ages
          JBB, Entrance Age
          JBC, School Admission
          JBCB, Admission of Non-Resident Students
          JBCBB, Homeless Children and Youth
          JBCC, Student Assignment
          JBCD, Student Transfer
          JBCE, Public School Choice
          JBCF, Unsafe School Choice Option
          JBD, Student Absences and Excuses
          JBD-R, Absences and Excuses
          JBD-E, Validated Check-out Form
          JBE, Truancy
          JBG, Readmission
          JBH, Attendance Reports for Student Drivers
          JCA, Civil Rights of Minors
          JCAA, Due Process
          JCAA-R, Due Process
          JCAB, Student Searches
          JCABA, Searches-Student's Person
          JCD, Student Conduct
          JCD-E, Statement of Compliance
          JCDA-R, Behavior Code
          JCDAA, Student Smoking/Tobacco Use
          JCDAB, Dangerous Weapons
          JCDAC, Student Alcohol and Drug Use
          JCDAD, School Bus Conduct
          JCDAE, Electronic Telecommunication Devices
          JCDAF, Bullying and Hazing
          JCDB, Student Dress Code
          JCE, Student Complaints and Grievances
          JCE-E, Statement of Student/Parent Grievance
          JCEC, Student Demonstrations and Strikes
          JCED, Sexual Harassment of Students
          JD, Discipline
          JDA, Corporal Punishment
          JDD, Suspension
          JDD-R, Suspension Regulations
          JDD-E, Notice of Suspension
          JDE, Expulsion
          JDE-E, Suspension and Recommendation for Expulsion
          JDF, Discipline of Students with Disabilities
          JG, Student Welfare
          JGB, School Wellness
          JGC, Student Health Services
          JGCB, Immunizations
          JGCC, Student Communicable Diseases
          JGCD, Administration of Medication
          JGCD-E, Request for Administering Medication at School and Release from Liability
          JGCE, Child Abuse
          JGCF, Behavioral Health Services for Students
          JGFG, Illness and Accidents
          JGFH, Student Identification
          JGFHA, Student Biometric Information
          JH, Student Activities
          JHA-R, Activity Fees
          JHA-E1, Detailed Ticket/Cash Reconciliation
          JHB, Activities Fund Management
          JHB-R, School Fund Raising Activities School and Club Accounts
          JHC, Student Organizations
          JJ, Employment of Students
          JQE, Expectant and Parenting Students
          JQL, Language Minority Students
          JR, Student Records
          JS, Student Fees, Fines and Charges
       Section K, General Public Relations
       Section L, Education Agency Relations
       Section M, Relations With Other Education Agencies