The Washington Parish School Board has established the following guidelines for political activities on School Board property:


  1. While in the performance of his/her assigned school duties, whether it be in the classroom, in the school or on the school grounds, an employee in his/her presentations, discussions or conversations with students is to handle political issues in a strictly non-partisan manner.

  2. No employee of the Washington Parish School Board shall engage in any political activity while at work, either on school board property, including school buses, or while engaged in employment activities.  As used in this policy, ”political activity” includes any effort to support or oppose the election of a candidate for political office or to support a particular political party in an election, including the making or solicitation of campaign contributions, exhibition or distribution of cards, pictures, handbills, pins, or other campaign paraphernalia, and telephone solicitation. Employees shall not be prohibited from discussing political candidates or parties among themselves out of the presence of students.

  3. No school board moveable property shall be used for political activity of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, mailing lists, postage and duplicating machines.

  4. Except as stated herein, no person, including candidates for public office, shall be permitted to solicit votes or support from employees or students on School Board property, including school buses, during working hours.

  5. No employee shall be held accountable to the Washington Parish School Board for political activities in which the employee engages while not on School Board property and not at work or while not engaged in employment activities.

  6. This policy shall not prohibit the furnishing of school sponsored paid political advertisements in connection with the support of extracurricular activities.  Billboards, signs, etc., that are not a part of a school fund raising activity are prohibited on School Board property.

  7. In accordance with local custom, all candidates for public office and supporters may meet and greet attendees of school sporting events and may individually hand out campaign cards, handbills, pins and other campaign paraphernalia that can reasonably be carried on the person.  Such activities are limited to the areas outside, but near the entrances to any athletic facility.

  8. Within a standard of reasonableness, nothing contained in this policy is to restrict an individual from displaying bumper stickers, magnetic signs or similar customary political campaign signs on a personal vehicle.  However, recreational vehicles and trailers displaying political campaign signs or other campaign paraphernalia are prohibited on School Board property.


New policy:  August 25, 2011

Revised:  September 8, 2011



Ref:     Board minutes, 8-25-11, 9-8-11


Washington Parish School Board