Dear Parent:


Enclosed is a copy of the medication policy which was adopted by the Washington Parish School Board on ________.  Guidelines for this policy originated at the Louisiana Department of Education in Baton Rouge.  The purpose of this policy is the safety of your child's health.


Children with chronic illnesses such as epilepsy, hyperactivity, or allergies, for example, often must have medications administered at school daily.  If your child has a chronic illness which requires him/her to have medication at school, please see your school principal to obtain the necessary forms.  We must have your written permission as well as written instructions from your child's physician before we can administer these prescription drugs.


Medications for short term illnesses, such as antibiotics for acute infections, should be administered at home by parents.


Children who are acutely ill should remain at home until the need for medication in the middle of the day no longer exists.


An infection that is of long standing, such as over two (2) weeks, might require long term medication.  This condition would be handled as a chronic illness. The physician's form and the parent’s permission form would have to be completed for this child to have his/her prescription administered at school.


Medications carried on school vehicles for use by students with chronic illnesses shall be stored in a locked container or in a locked space on said vehicle.  The parent and/or guardian shall assume responsibility for the transfer of medication to the driver of the school vehicle.  The driver of the school vehicle shall assume responsibility for the key of the locked space and the transfer of the medication to the authorized, adult school official.


If your child has a special health need which you feel is not being met by this medication policy, I encourage you to discuss it with your school principal or to call me during office hours at                      .


Yours truly,









I/we, the undersigned parents/guardian of the minor child,___________________________, a student at School, hereby request the Washington Parish School Board to allow said child to attend school in spite of his/her special health problem and to be given medication prescribed by  

________________ from __________ to _____________

Physician's Name               Date                  Date                       


under the supervision of the nurse or other school personnel.


The medicine is to be furnished by me and labeled by the physi­cian or pharmacist with said child's name, doctor and drug store, name of drug, dosage, and the specific time it is to be given at school.  I/we, assume all responsibility for any mistake in furnishing an incorrect dosage.


For and in consideration of allowing said child to attend school in spite of his special problem, we hereby release, relieve and discharge the Washington Parish School Board, and/or any of its agents or employees, from any and all liability for any injury or damage to the health of said child arising out of, or resulting from the necessity of said‑child having to take medication during school hours.


I/we have read, understand and agree to the school's regulations concerning giving medication at school.


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Witness ____________Witness ______________________________________


Washington Parish School Board