The following are extended policy statements of the Washington Parish School Board relative to the principal's actions in response to felonious or misdemeanor acts and other provisions for suspension or expulsion:


  1. Each school principal shall, in cases where individuals have committed felonious or misdemeanor acts such as vandalism, breaking and entering, violent and/or extremely threatening behavior toward students, teachers or other school personnel, immediately refer such matters to the appropriate law enforcement agency;

  2. The principal shall have the authority to suspend a student for a period in excess of the normal suspension period in instances where the act(s) is, in the opinion of the principal, of such an extreme nature that extended suspension is deemed necessary.  However, when a principal recommends suspension in excess of 10 days, the normal due process procedure must be followed;

  3. When a principal is in doubt as to action to be taken, the principal shall confer with the Superintendent and/or the Visiting Teacher;

  4. A student who has been suspended shall not be allowed on any school property during the suspended period; shall not attend or participate in any school activities; shall not be allowed to make up or receive credit for work missed during the suspended period;

  5. After a student returns to school following a suspension or expulsion, the principal may place the student on probation.  When placing a student on probation, the principal shall inform the student and the parent in writing about the duration and specific provisions of the probation.



Ref:    Board minutes, 10-11-79


Washington Parish School Board