Student dress and grooming is not to adversely affect the students' participation in classes, school programs or other school related activities.  Extremes in style and fit in student dress and extremes in style of grooming will not be permitted.  No student shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, blade, symbols, sign or other things which are evidence of membership affiliation in any gang or are drug related.  Policies regarding dress and grooming stress the importance of reducing distractions that inhibit learning, and are addressed as an attempt to enhance the learning environment.  School principals maintain the right to determine extremes in styles in dress and grooming and what is appropriate and suitable for school wear.




The School Board shall notify the parent or guardian of each student of the dress code specifications and their effective date.  The guidelines for student dress shall be contained in the Student Code of Conduct distributed to students and parents at the beginning of each school year.


If the School Board modifies the existing uniform policy, it shall notify, in writing, the parent or guardian of each student of the policy adoption or uniform policy modification at least sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the new or revised policy.  Each school shall display any uniform selected for a reasonable period prior to the proposed effective date for wearing of the uniform.


However, nothing shall prohibit the School Board from requiring a new or revised dress code or uniform policy without the required notice in the event of an emergency.  For the purposes of this policy, emergency shall mean an actual or imminent threat to health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage.




The Washington Parish School Board believes that the uniform policy provides a more secure environment, promotes an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increases learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions associated with various types of clothing.


The principal shall make the final decision as to what is considered proper or improper dress according to the guidelines provided.  Any substantial complaint concerning the dress code shall be dealt with by the school administration.


All Washington Parish students are required to adhere to the uniform policy.  Students attending Washington Parish Schools shall be required to wear uniforms to class.




Disciplinary measures for dress code violations shall be as included in the Student Code of Conduct.


A student enrolled in grades prekindergarten through five shall not be suspended or expelled from school or suspended from riding on any school bus for a uniform violation that is not tied to willful disregard of school policies.




Students may be given an opportunity to not wear uniforms at special events as approved by the principal.  Spirit/school t-shirts may be worn with approved pants, skirts, shorts, etc. on these special days.




It shall be unlawful and against School Board policy for any student or non-student to wear or possess on his/her person, at any time, body armor on any School Board property, school campus, at a school-sponsored function, on a school bus or other school transportation, or in a firearm-free zone, with limited exception as enumerated in La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §14:95.9.  School-sponsored functions shall include, but not be limited to, athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities.  A firearm-free zone means any area within one thousand feet of any school campus and within a school bus.


Body armor shall mean bullet-resistant metal or other material intended to provide protection from weapons or bodily injury.


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