1. Loud and unnecessary noise, running, boisterous conduct, or horseplay will not be permitted in buildings at any time or any area when students are transferring from one class to another.

  2. Students are not permitted to chew gum.

  3. Bodily contact is not permitted between students of the opposite sex in school or on campus.

  4. Students will not be permitted to have free access to the building at all times, but at a time designated by the principal.  Students may request access to certain areas of the building by making special arrangements with the principal for this type of activity.

  5. Students are not permitted in teachers' lounges or parking areas for school personnel, except for special permission.

  6. Students will not leave any class without permission.

  7. Students are not permitted to bring to school any object, such as knives, metal combs or combs that have a sharp pointed handle, firearms, etc. that can be used to inflict injury or damage to any person.

  8. Student's discipline off campus - students are subject to school discipline rules from the time they leave home until they return home.

  9. Students are encouraged not to schedule routine medical appointments during normal school hours; however, when it is necessary and unavoidable, parents must pick up their child after clearing with the principal's office.  Students will not be excused without the parents being present to pick up their child.

  10. Students will receive a suspension or other disciplinary action if he or she is disrespectful to school personnel.  Insolent attitude, use of obscene or profane language is unacceptable.  Failure to comply with a teacher's directive or request is considered disrespectful.

  11. Students should obey teachers promptly, and must address teachers properly (using first names or any improper titles will not be permitted.)


Revised:  June, 1993

Revised:  January, 1994



Ref:      Board minutes, 8-5-76, 5-6-93, 9-9-93


Washington Parish School Board