The Washington Parish School Board shall authorize teachers, administrators, and school security guards to search the person of a student, either by a random search with a metal detector, or when the teacher, administrator or security guard has reasonable belief that the student is in possession of weapons, illegal or controlled drugs or other illegal or harmful items which may pose a danger to the student or students or to the welfare of the student body.


The above shall be with the knowledge, and under the supervision, of the principal or designee.


Any search of student's person shall be done privately by a teacher, administrator, or security guard of the same sex as the student to be searched.  At least one witness who is of the same sex as said student shall be present throughout the search.  Detailed documentation shall be made of all searches.  If requested, notification of the search shall be sent to the parents of the student involved.


The Board shall indemnify and defend in accordance with state law employees who follow this policy and subsequently are involved in litigation as a result of compliance.


Revised:  December, 1991



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Washington Parish School Board