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The student must present a signed excuse to the homeroom teacher for signature, then present the excuse to his/her class instructor.  Excused absences will not include anything other than reasons stipulated in Policy JBD, Student Absences and Excuses.


An excused absence does not excuse the student from work and/or tests missed during the period of absence, whether the absence is from illness or a school trip.


Routine dental appointments should not be made during school hours.


Total responsibility in making up work and/or tests rests on the student.  Make-up tests are given at the teacher's convenience and should be completed no later than a week after returning to school following illness or an emergency.




Unexcused, recurring tardiness for homeroom class will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action on an individual basis.


Cutting a scheduled class is customarily three-day suspension.  However, the principal reserves the right to increase or decrease the penalty for any disciplinary action.


Periodically, the principal or designee will call the home of all students who are absent to verify excused absences.  If the parent does not know where the child is, this is considered cutting class and carries the normal suspension.


Students must be in homeroom or regularly assigned place on time.  A student may be tardy two (2) days per regular six weeks marking period without penalty.  If a student is tardy a third time during this period, the principal will contact the parent for a conference.  On the next offense, the student will be suspended for one day.  If a student continues to be tardy, the principal will take disciplinary action based on the seriousness of the problem.  Actions taken will be done only with parental involvement.




Ordinarily, the parent is expected to come to the school and sign their child out when necessary, however, in cases of hardship or emergencies, the parent/guardian may give others permission to check their child out of school.  In order to do this, the parent/legal guardian shall collect the original signatures of persons authorized to check the child out of school on the Validated Check-Out Form.  This form must be completed in ink in the handwriting of the authorized person.  This form will be kept on file at the school office for signature comparisons when students are checked out.


When the Validated Check-Out Form is completed, the parent must bring the form to the school and sign it and date it in the presence of the principal or principal's designee.




Occasionally, students will be absent for some time with administrative knowledge.  Teachers shall check with the principal before dropping any student from the roll.


Revised:  July, 1994

Revised:  April, 2008

Approved:  May 22, 2008



Ref:      Board minutes, 8-5-76, 4-28-94, 5-22-08


Washington Parish School Board