The Washington Parish School Board shall require each teacher to develop and maintain complete and up‑to‑date daily lesson plans that are appropriate for meeting the needs of their assigned students. These plans shall be written at least five (5) days in advance, and they shall be maintained in the classroom.  Lessons presented by teachers shall contain the appropriate elements of lesson design as presented in the Madeline Hunter Model for teaching.


There is no activity in school that takes precedence over classroom instruction, except in particular or extreme cases where immediate attention must be given as authorized by the Principal.  This is not to discourage planned activities that are coordinated with and have approval of the Principal.


Some violations of this policy that are prohibited are:


  1. Students carrying notes to classrooms.

  2. Intra-school teacher visitations during class.

  3. Personal services rendered by students for teachers.

  4. Unplanned routine administrative activity.



Ref:     Board Minutes, 8-5-76, 8-27-81


Washington Parish School Board