One of the primary objectives of the Washington Parish School Board is to provide a learning environment that is safe and drug free.  The use of drugs by student athletes poses the risk of physical harm not only to the athlete but to his/her teammates as well.  Also, the ”role-model” effect of drug use by student athletes could have a detrimental effect on the general school population.  Because of these concerns, the Washington Parish School Board embraces the opportunity to provide the optimum health and safety for students involved in athletic type, extracurricular activities through a drug testing program.  The purpose of this policy is not to invade the privacy of the student/athlete but to effectively control substance usage which is counterproductive to the health and safety of the student/athlete and their companions.  The format adopted by the Washington Parish School Board to accomplish the above delineated goals shall be:






In accordance with the regulations of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (L.H.S.A.A.), the test shall be strictly enforced and participation shall be mandatory.  Because of the parents/guardians have freely chosen to allow their son/daughter to participate in the athletic activity, a student may not try-out, practice or play a sport until parental and student permission forms to test for possible substance abuse are completed.  By signing the forms, the parents and the student acknowledge that they have consented to the administration of the test and waive any claim of invasion of privacy.


The urine test shall be administered by a laboratory representative.  Those students to be tested shall be randomly selected by computer at the laboratory.  The results of the test shall be kept strictly confidential in the principal’s office.  Parents of students who yield a positive test shall be notified immediately by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and the principal.  Should a parent or student contest the results, testing may be repeated within twenty-four (24) hours.  Parents must pay for the validation test.  It is imperative to note that these procedures are only to be used for the purpose of identifying the use of controlled substances.  Consequently, if a student/athlete is apprehended by anyone as a result of being in illegal possession of alcohol and/or a controlled substance, the regular school discipline policies shall apply.  Unlike the procedure to be followed for apparent and obvious possession of illegal substances, the results of a positive drug screen are not to be disclosed to law enforcement officers. Students are encouraged to self-report a substance problem to a counselor, administrator, or coach.  However, the self-report must be initiated prior to a screening day.




  1. Self-Report:  The principal and supervisor of child welfare shall contact the student’s parent and request a conference to discuss the student’s self-report.  No disciplinary action shall be taken against the student.  Students who choose to self-report may not practice or play until the results of a drug test by the designated laboratory is received by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and permission to return to play is received in writing from a physician.  In addition, parents may request that their child be tested.  Should the student test positive, the above procedures for self-report shall be followed.  Students may self-report only once.

  2. First Positive:  After confirmation of a positive drug screening, a student shall lose eligibility for the next two (2) interscholastic contests or two (2) weeks of scheduled games, whichever is longer.  The student shall not be allowed to practice during this time until a conference has been held between the coach, principal, and/or other designee of the Superintendent, parent and student.  At this conference, an appropriate plan of action shall be agreed upon and signed by all parties mentioned.  This plan shall include periodic drug screening to be at the expense of the student/athlete.  In order for the student to re-enter any athletic activity, verification for negative drug screening (at student’s expense) and written confirmation that recommendation/referrals are in progress shall be required at a conference with appropriate school personnel, parent and student.

  3. Second Positive:  After confirmation of a second positive drug screen, the student may lose eligibility from the athletic activity for one calendar year.  In order for the student to re-enter any athletic activity, he/she must voluntarily submit evidence of a negative drug screen and prove that he/she has participated in drug treatment program and has remained drug free for at least six (6) consecutive calendar months.  Evidence must include monthly negative drug screens at the expense of the parent/athlete.

  4. Third Positive:  After confirmation of a third positive drug screening in grades 6-12, the student shall be dismissed from athletic activities two (2) calendar years. In order for the student to re-enter any athletic activity, he/she must voluntarily submit evidence of a negative drug screen and prove that he/she has participated in drug treatment programs and has remained drug fee for at least two (2) calendar years.  Evidence must include monthly negative drug screens at the expense of the parent/athlete.


Students to be tested shall include all students in grades 6-12 who participate in athletic extracurricular activities.  Testing shall be on a monthly basis.  The testing company shall be required to generate a list of students to be included in the test.  Random selection shall be by student I.D. number.  Students shall be tested on the school campus by a representative of the testing company.  A maximum of 15% of the athletes on a campus shall be tested each year.  All student athletes may be selected more than once.  If the student athlete has been taking medication, his/her parents shall be able to indicate this to the Supervisor of Child Welfare after the administration of the test.  The Supervisor of Child Welfare shall only discuss the results of the positive tests with the parents of the student athlete, the student, and the principal.  Although random testing shall be conducted, any student athlete shall be tested upon the receipt of a written parental request to the principal.  The cost of non-random tests shall be paid by the parents requesting the test prior to the testing day.  Parental request may remain anonymous.


Revised:  October 7, 2010

Revised:  August 4, 2011



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Washington Parish School Board