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Students of the Washington Parish School District may be permitted to have their educational skills developed through a home study program, or in an in-home private school program, if such a program offers a sustained curriculum of quality at least equal to that offered by public schools at the same grade level.  The parent or legal guardian shall submit an application to the Louisiana Department of Education for approval together with a copy of the child's birth certificate.  An initial application shall be made within fifteen (15) days after commencement of the home study program.  A renewal application shall be submitted to the Louisiana Department of Education by October 1 of the school year, or within twelve (12) months of approval of the initial application, whichever is later.


Any child eligible by law to attend elementary or secondary school shall be eligible to participate in a home study program.


Secondary students who are home schooled shall not earn a regular high school diploma unless they return to an approved school and meet all the necessary credits and requirements needed for high school graduation.  Home study students shall be eligible to take the high school equivalency test upon completion of the home study program, upon proper application.




The School Board shall supply textbooks and other instructional materials, as available, to children enrolled in a state-approved home study program.  Textbooks and any materials supplied shall be returned when the student has completed the applicable coursework.  A deposit equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the replacement costs shall be required.  Such deposit shall be returned when the books are returned.  No refunds shall be made for lost or damaged textbooks.  If books are not returned or paid for, the parent or legal guardian shall not be eligible to continue participation in the textbook rental program until all textbook debts have been cleared.


Textbooks should be issued from the school of the student's assigned attendance zone for no longer than the length of the current school term.  Principals may require periodic inspection of the textbooks.




Students seeking admission or readmission to the Washington Parish public schools shall be required to fulfill such screening and evaluation requirements as the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and/or the School Board may establish, including the taking of tests and diagnostic instruments used to determine appropriate grade levels or Carnegie units.  The requirements and procedures for admission or readmission shall be made a part of the School Board’s Pupil Progression Plan.  In addition, students in grades 5 and 9 transferring to the public school system shall be required to take the 4th and 8th grade LEAP tests in order to determine the appropriate grade levels.  The School Board may charge a fee, not to exceed $100 per student, for the testing of home study students.  The testing fee shall be refunded upon the student’s enrollment in the public school system the semester immediately following the testing.




A parent of a child in home study may request the Superintendent to permit the child to be administered the LEAP tests.  Such tests shall occur on the date of the test as determined by the Superintendent.  The examination shall be administered with the same restrictions and under similar conditions as provided to students enrolled in public schools with a certified teacher administering the test.  The parent shall be provided the student’s score and whether the student passed the examination and met the state performance standards.


A testing fee of up to thirty-five dollars ($35) may be charged to cover actual costs of administering, scoring, and reporting the results of the tests.


Revised:  May 22, 2008

Revised:  January 14, 2016

Revised:  July 14, 2016



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