The Superintendent may transfer any teacher or other employee, including personnel employed as principals and supervisors, from one position, school or grade to another by giving written notice to the teacher or employee of such intention to transfer.  Such transfer shall not be for political or personal reasons.  No transfers of instructional personnel shall be initiated during the regular school term, except in emergencies or promotional instances where transfers are required to preserve quality instruction.


The principal shall have the authority to transfer employees at the school in which the principal is employed, subject to the approval of the Superintendent. 


In circumstances where a Reduction of Personnel or overstaffing is involved, the existing Board policies shall take precedence.






Employed teachers in the Washington Parish School System who wish to be transferred to another school in the system, or those who wish to transfer from one program to another (i.e. Chapter I to Regular Program) shall submit a written request to the Personnel Director.  The Personnel Director shall maintain a current file of these requests on an annual basis.  The request must be specific in identifying the reason(s) for the requested transfer and the school, grade preferences and/or program into which the teacher would like to be placed.


When vacancies occur in teaching positions in the Parish system during the summer vacation period, the Personnel Director and principal shall review the Request for Transfer File and determine all applicable requests for transfer to the particular vacancy. The principal and Personnel Director shall consider all eligible applicants for transfer along with any other qualified applicants for said position, and make a recommendation to the Superintendent to fill the position.


When a vacancy occurs during the school year, at the end of that semester, transfer requests will be considered by the principal and Personnel Director.  The principal and Personnel Director will make a recommendation to the Superintendent to fill the position.  To transfer an employee, the principal of the school with the vacancy must recommend the transfer to the Superintendent.  For midterm transfers, the recommendation will be voted on by the Board no later than the first Board meeting in the second semester.  Midterm transfers will take effect as soon as a suitable replacement is available.  If a certified teacher is employed to temporarily fill that vacancy, he/she may be transferred to any vacancy in his/her area of certification.


In instances where a teacher is denied transfer to a position he/she has requested, the teacher may request a review conference in writing to the Superintendent.  The conference shall include a discussion of various criteria relating to the reasons the teacher was not recommended for the position.  Members included in the conference shall be the teacher, principal, Superintendent and Personnel Director.  The Superintendent and Personnel Director shall make a determination if any change should be made in the transfer decision.


A teacher or other school employee who has been a victim of physical abuse by any student(s) shall be given the opportunity to transfer to another position for which he/she is certified or otherwise qualified and in which he/she shall not have contact with the student(s), provided there is a position available.


Support Employees


Support employees, including central office personnel, wishing to transfer to another like position with the same pay scale may be transferred if the affected supervisors (the supervisor for the vacant position and the employee’s immediate supervisor), as well as the Personnel Director, agree to the transfer.  Such transfer may occur at any time the vacancy occurs. 


Revised:  June, 1989 Revised:  April, 2004
Revised:  September, 1994 Revised:  March 17, 2011
Revised:  April, 1996 Revised:  October 11, 2012



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:7, 17:81, 17:443

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