Education is a profession.  The Washington Parish School Board’s clients consist of the community, parents, and students and our professional status is reinforced by appropriate dress and appearance.  Since students learn by example, it is important that employees serve as role models for students.  Appropriate and professional attire is expected of all Washington Parish School System employees when affiliated with the school system.


The following regulations shall apply to School Board employees:


  1. Shorts shall not be worn.  Coaches and physical education personnel may only wear loose fitting shorts of the appropriate length during their physical education hours.  When coaches leave the physical education area, “warm-ups” must be worn.

  2. No jogging suits, sweat suits, wind suits, or scrubs shall be worn, except for coaches and physical education personnel.

  3. Leggings and bike shorts shall not be worn.

  4. No see-through or mesh garments shall be worn without a shirt underneath.

  5. Spaghetti strap dresses and tops should be worn with appropriate jacket/covering at all times.

  6. Skirts, dresses, and other articles of clothing that are inappropriately short should not be worn.

  7. Low cut tops shall not be worn.

  8. Denim "jeans" shall not be worn.

  9. Shower shoes/flip-flops and crocs are not permissible.

  10. Patches, decorations, slogans, designs, symbols, tags, marks or advertisements in poor taste are prohibited.  (Examples:  Beer, cigarettes, drugs, obscenities, sexual references, or other similar items deemed detrimental to the education, discipline, health or welfare of the students.)

  11. T-shirts shall only be worn with school related graphics.

  12. Midriffs shall not be visible.

  13. No visible tattoos are allowed.

  14. When attending any school function, appropriate professional dress should be worn.


Principals have the responsibility of approving and disapproving the apparel and appearance of school personnel.




1st offense:


The employee shall be counseled by the administrator.  A copy of the conference shall be placed in the individual’s school personnel file.


2nd offense:


If the employee is still in violation of the Employee Dress Code, a conference shall be held with the employee and his/her immediate supervisor.  A letter of reprimand shall be placed in the employee’s school personnel file.


3rd offense:


If the employee is still in violation of the Employee Dress Code, a conference shall be held with the employee, his/her immediate supervisor, and the Personnel Director.  A letter of reprimand shall be placed in the employee’s personnel file at the local school with a copy of the first two reprimands.  A copy will be forwarded to the Personnel Director and placed in the employee’s personnel folder.


Recoded:  February, 2003                                

Revised:  June 12, 2008



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

Board minutes, 6-12-08


Washington Parish School Board