The Washington Parish School Board recognizes that a program of professional development and education is important for the constant professional growth and improvement of an employee.  Therefore, professional personnel shall be encouraged to keep up with new developments and take part in development opportunities in their academic fields and to cultivate an open mind and an experimental attitude toward current educational practices.


The Board may annually develop a plan for in-service teacher educational programs in conformity with guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education.  The School Board shall utilize the advice of the members of its teaching staff in developing the proposed plans.  The educational training to be undertaken shall utilize the services of Louisiana Department of Education trained coordinators, who shall be designated by the school system from among its certified employees.  The coordinators, once trained, shall be able to provide classroom teachers with information, techniques, and skills to properly respond to required modifications of the classroom environment, as well as respond to inquiries and requests for assistance from classroom teachers. 


The Board shall develop and continually monitor a plan to provide in-service training, through the coordinators trained by the Louisiana Department of Education, to all classroom teachers in the system who desire to receive such training as well as to make such coordinators available, on a more or less continuous basis, for consultation with classroom teachers who request assistance or information.  In-service training programs shall address matters related to all aspects of education in accordance with guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education. 


Revised:  November, 1993



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:24.1, 17:85, 17:3885


Washington Parish School Board