It is the responsibility of the Washington Parish School Board to develop and implement plans for the School System that will meet the educational requirements of the community both today and in the future.  For this reason, the School Board shall develop a long-range building plan to be implemented to meet these requirements.


The objectives of such a plan are:


  1. To improve the educational environment for students and teachers by raising the physical standards in all buildings to match the most appropriate facilities already existent in the parish.

  2. To modernize in phases with first priority given to renovation, second priority to remodeling or improvement of substandard facilities (such as libraries, physical education facilities, etc.) and third priority to the addition of classrooms when enrollment trends indicate they would be necessary.

  3. To create school complexes which are the best possible balance of effective grouping of educational resources, efficient manageĀ­ment and operations, and community concerns for the character of the School System.

  4. To build recreational and sports complexes in consonance with the educational objectives of the District.


Washington Parish School Board