It shall be the policy of the Washington Parish School Board that:


  1. The Washington Parish  School Board may select from extra buses owned by bus operators a pool of extra (second) buses to make field trips/extra runs, and that pool will be limited to fifteen (15).  Bus owners interested in participation shall fill out a questionnaire and submit it to the Transportation Director.  The initial recommendation to the Board shall be made by the Transportation Committee.  No bus shall make an extra run that is not part of the selected pool or regular fleet.

  2. The primary elements of consideration for selection to the pool shall include, but not be limited to:


    1. Whether the bus has passed inspection;

    2. The general condition of the bus;

    3. The driving record, ability, and willingness of the owner to make field trips/extra runs at a reasonable cost.


  1. Once selection has been made, the pool of buses will be added to the School Board's list of insured buses (liability only), and complete identification of the buses selected shall be kept at the School Board office, as well as given to the insurance carrier.  

    Any proposed change(s) in the pool of selected extra buses shall be brought to the attention of the Transportation Director, and the Transportation Director will make a recommendation to the Board, which will make the final decision (in the same manner as changes are made in regular route fleet).

  2. Selected owners shall sign a statement of understanding that liability insurance purchased through the School Board affords coverage on the bus only while that bus is being used for school sanctioned activities.

  3. No bus shall be allowed usage on behalf of the School Board, even as a substitute, that has not passed all necessary inspections. 

  4. The only time a bus operator can use a secondary bus on his/her regular route is when (1) his/her primary bus is being used for a school-sponsored field trip approved by the Superintendent, or (2) his/her primary bus is not operable.  If the primary bus becomes inoperable, the bus operator shall be required to notify the transportation supervisor of that fact immediately, giving full disclosure as to why it is not operable, along with the estimated period of time the primary bus is expected to be out of service.  When the primary bus is put back on the regular route, the bus operator shall be required to notify the transportation supervisor again.  Deliberate and/or undue delays in getting the primary bus back on the regular route shall not be tolerated.  Specific documentation may be required, at the discretion of the transportation supervisor.  Any owner/operator who violates these regulations shall be dismissed with due process.


Revised:  May, 2000

Revised:  April, 2001

Revised:  March 13, 2008



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 1-14-99, 4-22-99, 3-16-00, 1-11-01, 3-13-08


Washington Parish School Board