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  1. School bus operators must be at least 21 years old.

  2. School bus operators must possess a valid commercial driver's license and have completed pre-service certification training. 

  3. He/she must carry adequate insurance as required by the Washington Parish School Board on his/her bus.  The School Board shall furnish insurance with half the premium being paid by the operator.

  4. Each operator should furnish a health certificate from a licensed physician certifying that the operator's physical condition is such that he/she can safely drive a school bus. (To be turned in prior to the operation of his/her bus.)

  5. Bus operators are not authorized to administer corporal punishment and they are not allowed to discharge students from the bus, except when the safety of the operation of the bus is involved, then he/she must notify the Principal and the parents of the student immediately.  Bus operators must report in person to the principal concerning any disciplinary problems on the bus, as soon as possible.

  6. Each bus operator must submit to the principal a roster of all students assigned to his/her bus at the end of the first ten (10) days of school.  Bus operators must submit to the principal within two (2) days after the end of each six weeks period, attendance report by race, showing gains and losses.

  7. Bus operators will assign each student riding his/her bus a permanent seat.  Student is required to occupy this seat at all times, unless authorized to be moved by the bus operator or the principal.

  8. Bus operators will schedule their arrival and departure time daily with the principal, who can specify times that they can arrive and depart.

  9. Bus operators shall be on the bus at any time a student is loading and unloading.

  10. Bus operators are not permitted to allow anyone to ride the bus other than assigned students.

  11. Each bus operator is required to sign in and out daily, personally.  No other person is authorized to sign in and out for a bus operator.  If there is a substitute operator, then the substitute operator is to sign in and out daily, using his/her name and not the name of the person for whom substituting.

  12. Flagmen are not required when loading or discharging students.

  13. Buses are not to back up on school campuses and should not attempt to back up in other places where it can be avoided.

  14. If an operator is suspended from operation, a substitute will be used to operate the bus when possible. When it is not possible to do so, another bus and operator will be employed to make the route.

  15. The distance an operator may depart from the main route to pick up a student will be determined by the Transportation Supervisor.

  16. Bus operators will be reimbursed only for the actual miles operated.  Each year, the Supervisor of Transportation shall audit the actual mileage traveled for picking up students of a minimum ten (10) school buses.

  17. In inclement weather, operators are requested to transport students to their homes where possible.

  18. Each school bus operator will take an eight (8) hour defensive driving training course to be taught by the State Police and set up by the Washington Parish School Board office.

  19. Speed limits for school buses are to be:

    55 MPH on main highway
    35 MPH on local roads while making their regular route

  20. The school bus operating to SLU will not make local stops to pick up individuals but will stop at pre-designated places to pick up groups.

  21. All bus operator applicants for jobs as bus operators must fill out an application form at the School Board office using information in Standard 17.

  22. School bus operators are not authorized to purchase used buses to operate on a school bus route, except on retirement or resignation of current operator.


Revised:  October, 1999

Revised:  October, 2000



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Washington Parish School Board