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When funeral services of a community citizen are scheduled during school hours, school will continue in regular session except for minor schedule changes that might be needed to avoid interference with the funeral or funeral procession.  In communities where the church services and/or burial services are to be conducted immediately adjacent to the school during school hours, it would be necessary to modify school classes so that noisy playground activities, etc. are curtailed during such services.  In cases where the normal afternoon dismissal of school would interfere with the funeral services, the class schedule might be slightly adjusted to shorten each period during the entire day and release school in time to avoid conflicts.  Such schedule alterations should usually not shorten the school day by more than an hour.  Any alterations in schedules must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.


The school principal is authorized to release students from school to attend funeral services when requested in writing from the parents or when the parents sign the students out.  The principal, upon request from individual staff members, can release them in time to attend the funeral services of relatives or close friends.  In cases where staff members are granted early release to attend such services, the principal will arrange to cover for these individuals.  However, requests for release from school by a staff member for time longer than two (2) class periods will be governed by the Board Personal Leave or Emergency Leave Policies.


When funeral services of a student or an employee at a particular school is scheduled during school hours, that school can implement early dismissal of school at a time that would allow all personnel at the school adequate time to attend the funeral services.  However, the specific schedule for dismissal should be determined by the Superintendent and Principal.


Other circumstances concerning the possible need for parishwide early dismissal of schools for funeral services will be considered by the Superintendent and the School Board as such circumstances may arise.


Washington Parish School Board