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The Constitution of Louisiana places the responsibility for establishing and maintaining an efficient system of public schools on the State Legislature.


The Washington Parish School Board has been established as a body corporate charged with the establishment, maintenance, development and operation of an efficient public school program within the school district.  State and federal courts have held that the Board is vested with a broad range of administrative and supervisory authority commensurate with the aforementioned prescribed educational responsibilities.


Members of the Washington Parish School Board are officers of the state.  The Board is the agency through which the school district acts in regard to school matters.  Board members have authority only when functioning as a body or group in a legally called regular or special meeting.  The powers of the Board are delegated only to the Board as a body.  No authority is granted to members acting as individuals.


The Board is cognizant that all actions must be taken in good faith, with reasonable prudence, sincerity and based on the belief that such actions are correct and in the best interests of the school district in accordance with the statutes and pertinent judicial precedents.



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Washington Parish School Board