This policy manual is an overview and summary of the Washington Parish School Board's policies currently in effect.  It may also contain some regulations and/or procedures.  Nothing contained in this policy manual or any verbal statement about the provisions of this manual shall constitute creating any type of employment contract, express or implied, nor is any information presented intended to make any commitment to any employee concerning how individual employment action can, should, or will be handled.  The information contained in this policy manual is subject to change at any time as deemed necessary to ensure effective application of the policies of the Washington Parish School Board.  While the Board will normally attempt to provide employees advance notice of any change, the School Board reserves the right to alter these policies, regulations, and/or procedures at any time without advance notice.


The Washington Parish School Board does not violate the law and does not tolerate those who do.  If an employee believes that anyone in or associated with the School Board has requested or directed him or her to do anything that violates state or federal law, or has prohibited the employee from doing anything that state or federal law requires him or her to do, the employee shall report any such incident immediately to the Superintendent.